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Hey guys, this is Rankin Movies reporting for duty.  New year, new you and everything else too!  So, I just finished watching ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS and it was a much better, cohesive and surprisingly emotional adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s second fantastical story in his Alice novels.  Not without its flaws, of which there are a number,  but that number is far more minuscule than you might like to think.

First off, the film is outright and boisterously gorgeous without overwhelming the story or the characters with the familiar and fun actors who play them.  The visuals provided on display are much improved from 2010’s ALICE IN WONDERLAND, with a squeaky but also honest sheen and tone to each provided stage of the story.  Everything in place is as it should be, one thing you may see for yourself in time.  Time, in fact, is a major theme in the Alice novels as well as the story in THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS.  Time is also a major player in the story, too, played with relish by Sacha Baren Cohen.

Now that we’re talking cast, Mia Wasikowska returns strong as ever as Alice Kingsleigh, Johnny Depp plays up the quirks and is the heart and soul of the movie as the “Mad” Hatter Hightopp, Anne Hathaway and Helena Bonham-Carter return as the at-odds sisters and queens who have a history that may be revisited, Alan Rickman voices his last performance as the butterfly Absolem, and a very unexpectedly charming cast of colorful yet relatable characters.  I’m not a fan of spoilers, so I will say time, family, and love are themes in the story all deftly and wonderfully explored by the script and by director James Bobin (THE MUPPETS) who takes over the reins from Tim Burton, and excels in blending the combination of fantastic visuals, wacky weirdness, amazing eye in detail for costumes and sets and solid acting; and with a strong lead in Wasikowska (having grown a lot in acting shoes since 2010) also plays Alice as a headstrong, feminist (without going overboard, lol) and independent young lady knows her limits (at first) but uses her strengths for goodness sake (and for her friends sake too).

Now, to the number of flaws or perhaps gripes.  As an optimist, it’s usually hard for me to find flaws, because I usually look for what’s right in a film instead of what’s wrong (just like in my life as I live it).  Yet time goes on and change is demanded of us all, so a critical eye I have developed over time that has passed and I will say that the computer generated animation does tend to overwhelm and the music swells on a regular basis, which may not be to everyone’s liking.  Also, on that note, the acting is usually exaggerated and over-the-top, which may also not be to everyone’s liking.  And lastly, the sense of humor is silly, to the point where it may be annoying to some.  Still, if none of these gripes matters to you, then you’re in for a delighted surprise.

ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS is first and foremost a Disney movie, where the good has its day and the bad comes and goes.  It is, of course, a sequel to the original 2010 film ALICE IN WONDERLAND, over which it improves upon the nature, structure, visuals, acting quality (slightly better), with a few aforementioned gripes that may not be to everyone’s liking but to those for who it is to their liking, I heartily recommend you use your time to see and enjoy ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS.  The time will pass quickly, and you’ll most likely enjoy your time seeing this film.  I know it did, and I did too.

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