The Mechanic: Resurrection Review

the-mechanic-resurrection-movieTHE MECHANIC: RESURRECTION is an assured, tightly paced, enjoyable B-movie thriller that packs in a familiar punch from action star Jason Statham that his fans, action film junkies, and adults will find plenty to enjoy here.  The action is fast and brutal, the pace keeps the story going swiftly, and the enjoyment level is high for the audience the movie is intended for.

Starring the Stath, Jessica Alba, Tommy Lee Jones, and Michelle Yeoh, THE MECHANIC: RESURRECTION aims to entertain with its brutal action sequences and its simple but enjoyable story.  As the Mechanic, Jason Statham’s character Bishop returns from the dead from his “death” at the end of the 2011 MECHANIC film (which is a remake of a Charles Bronson film of the same name) to continue his path of peace, until he’s called out of his retirement to a rude awakening with Jessica Alba’s character Gina, a refugee schoolteacher who is a pawn in the game that Bishop’s former-friend-turned-nemesis, Crain, has a bone to pick with Bishop and with Gina as a hostage forces Bishop’s hand into assassinating three targets on Crain’s list, for mysterious purposes.  All nearly impossible tasks, considering the targets are high-profile bad guys who are either well-guarded or well-locked away.  Still, Bishop finds a way to make them look like “accidents”.  He’s the Mechanic, after all.

What follows is a fun, action-packed, smarter-than-you-think and very briskly paced action film that is tailor-made for Jason Statham fans and for action-film junkies ready to get their fix on with this robust and enjoyable action sequel.  I rate THE MECHANIC: RESURRECTION three and a half wrenches out of five, because that’s what I’m talking about.


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